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    Korean Language Class Student Scholarship

    By Julia Loughlin I am pleased to share that the two following Korean 7 & 8 (FLAG Korean) students received the 2019 Korean Language Class Student Scholarship and Summer...

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    Celebration of the week

    By Julia Loughlin The following Hoover Key Club members were honored this weekend at the California-Nevada-Hawaii District Convention: Rebekah Alfred was awarded the 2019 Kenneth C. Forror, M.D. scholarship...

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    Illegal organ trading is destroying innocent lives

    By Vera Arestakesyan Rita Sarkar, living in New Delhi, told her husband of her abdominal pain and had an appendectomy (removal of the appendix), two years ago. Ever since...

    They call for change

    By Talar Anoushian and Amber Arnaout Seventeen people were taken from the Earth on February 14th—it was Valentine’s day. A day to express love became a day to express...

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    The Path of Empathy

    By: Serly Abnosmasihi Empathy is not exactly a quality that most people are aware they possess. Some people, if not most, are not aware of whether they tend to be...

    The Unsung Kalimba

    By: Aaron Facundo                  It’s cheap, portable and has a great therapeutic sound that is sure to attract the masses of people...