Alumni create Semi Circle

Posted on December 14, 2016

By Pareli Amirkhanian 

Five past and current students established Semi Circle in the summer of 2012. The business is a collaboration of friends and family working together to design and release hats, shirts, and sweaters.
       In addition to Erwin Miciano (’15) and Kevin Colindres (’15) who are the founders of Semi Circle, the team consists of Mary Arienza, (’15), Evan Pucio (’15), and Joshua Miciano (’18).
        Colindres said how Semi Circle represents the group of friends they are — always sticking with each other since they were young.
        Joshua, the youngest of the group, expressed how Semi Circle is great because he has more to share and express. He loves working with the team and enjoys the bond that they have together.
        Semi Circle’s logo, the Japanese Kanji in the arc, stands for “semi circle” which is symbolic that anyone is welcome to join the business if they wish. Their ultimate goal is to connect with open-minded artists and put out a creative environment that everyone enjoys.
      “We do not believe in putting out things just to put them out in order to stay relevant,” Colindres said. “We want to put out things that we believe are quality, things that we are proud of.”
      Colindres mentioned how working with a team toward one goal, to create quality clothing and delve into the fashion world, is a special feeling and something that bonds them.
       “To me it is like a second family,”  Colindres said.
       Pucio mentions his favorite aspect of Semi Circle which is the fact that they are all close friends simply spreading what they enjoy.
      Although the group has fun most of the time being together, there have been some difficulties along the way.
        One is the fact that Erwin is in the Navy, currently stationed in Japan. Colindres explained how communication due to this factor gets pretty troublesome, due to the different time zones in Japan.
          Pucio also explains the difficulty of finding the best quality of clothing at a reasonable price.
          “It took many trips to suppliers to find a good way to get our products to people,” Pucio said.
           Despite these obstacles, the team has learned to create the best brand of clothing they can.
            Customer Tim Parawan said that the items he’s bought, a black hat and a black shirt, are very comfortable and light.
             “They were very friendly and I would buy from them again,” Parawan said.
               Another customer, Mariejo Galang (’19), said how their logo, which was simplistic and original, is what stood out to her and attracted her to their clothing line.
           “They are coming out with a winter collection soon, so I am excited to buy from that,” she said.
             Colindres explains how it is not about the money for them, but rather the close experience they have together as a working team.
             They are all eager to see where this journey will take them in life, and as Colindres said, “We hope to continue putting out quality projects and interacting with our supporters.”


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