Water polo BGD 10-27-2015

Posted on October 29, 2015


Photos by Jay Jaber

By John Habib

It has been 10 years since the last time The water polo Tornados beat the Nitros.  The Tornados have ended the 10 years losing streak against Glendale High School with 17 to 9 as the finale score. Th Nitros began strongly and scored 1 goal 2 minutes in but Hoover quickly got the advantage and ended the first quarter with the score at 6 to 2.

Glendale came out strong again in the second quarter and cut the advantage down to half with 6 to 3 right of the start of the second quarter but after that Hoover took of and scored 5 straight goals ending the second quarter with 11 to 3.
The third quarter was very similar to the second quarter and ended with Hoover scoring an other 5 goals and Glendale with only 1 extra goal ending the third quarter with a total score of 16 to 4.
The fourth quarter seemed like Glendale have found there momentum and scored 5 straight goals but it wasn’t enough and Hoover scored an extra goal ending the game with the finale score at 17 to 9.

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