Castaneda wins $40,000 culinary scholarship

Posted on May 25, 2016

By Jethro Sales 

Anton Castaneda (’16) won a $40,900 scholarship to attend the International Culinary Center (ICC) in San Francisco at the annual Career Through the Culinary Arts Program (CCAP) cooking competition earlier this month.
Castaneda said the scholarship “gives me new motivation and something to look forward to” when he attends ICC this fall.
Seniors Jessica Reyes and Jasmine Appling-Herrera also won $2,000 scholarships.
“We have a really good record here of bringing home winners when it comes to the culinary competitions with CCAP,” cooking teacher Dawn Roznowski said.
By preparing Hunter’s Chicken with a side of tornee potatoes and dessert crepes, Castaneda was able to win the competition.
Castaneda was influenced to join the foods class when he discovered CCAP when he was in the eighth grade at Toll.
After three years of not joining Foods at school, Castaneda finally had the space in his schedule to take it his senior year, then switch to the advanced class second semester due to his prior knowledge and hard work.
“Anton was an unexpected surprise this year,” Roznowski said.

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