Students make up their future: Edgar K.

Posted on May 25, 2016

By Jasmine Burushyan 

A simple comb-over is what started it all for the aspiring barber Edgar Kirakosyan (’16).
For the past year, Kirakosyan has been treating his peers to haircuts that leave them feeling fresh, all the while gaining the ability to create art using just his scissors and creativity.
The art of cutting hair and styling it to make the client feel good about himself is what inspired him to become a barber.
“I can make people feel confident,” Kirakosyan said, which is why he plans on making a career out of it.
He has been a hairstylist for seven of his friends who come to him each time they need a trim.
“They are my practice heads until I can get professional with barbering,” he said.
It is by giving haircuts to his friends every two to three weeks that Kirakosyan learns about barbering.
Close friend Albert Nazarian (’16) always views his finishing look as “legendary.”
“Nobody else has a touch like him,” Nazarian said.
It was during sophomore year where Kirakosyan found what he wanted to do as a career. He saw a haircut that inspired him to cut hair on his own. He took hair clippers and watched videos on YouTube to learn. After many failed attempts, he learned how shaping one’s hair can boost a person’s confidence.
Although he is still working on perfecting his skills, cutting hair has always felt very natural to Kirakosyan.
As another highly satisfied customer, Dion Tilimian (’17) said that Kirakosyan seemed like he knew exactly what he was doing and completed his work quite “smoothly.”
“He did an amazing job giving me a half fade and a perfect slick back,” Timilian said.
Kirakosyan’s trademark is using a blade to add to the finished look. He operates three different brands of clippers that include Wahl, Oster, and Andis. Gel and Pomade are also products that he often uses to style his clients’ hair.
To reach the professional level, Kirakosyan plans on attending Western Barber Institute in Van Nuys.
Ultimately, making people look good is the root of his growing devotion, which drives him to turn a passion into a lifestyle.

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