Students make up their future: Anni V.

Posted on May 25, 2016

By Leighana Miller

Anni Vartomian (’16) knew she loved doing makeup since the age of 13 and has developed her clientele as well as her techniques along the way.
By the age of 16 she was practicing to become a professional makeup artist. She hit a few bumps throughout her journey in the world of makeup, but those obstacles only made her stronger in her chosen profession.
At the beginning of her career, her parents did not encourage her choice of becoming a makeup artist because they did not find it to be a very respectful profession. However, they eventually accepted her dream and realized that nothing was going to stand in her way.
She has noticed shocking improvements in her talents through her ability to immediately spot which tones to use to give each individual the exact look they want.
“Everyone has a different definition of beautiful so [you] really have to understand what the client wants,” Vartomian said.
She became a professional and certified makeup artist through a class taught at Ani Arami Makeup School, and began promoting her business through Instagram (@mua_anni). Vartomian was timid to put herself out there at first, but after she received positive feedback from her friends about her work, she decided to go for it.
“I’ve had so much exposure to different types of people, when I look at someone I can spot what I need to do in order to give them the perfect symmetrical face,” she said.
Another challenge Vartomian faces is getting her name out there. According to her, being a makeup artist is not just about applying makeup. It requires drive, networking, and a strong clientele base.
“It definitely took a lot of hard work and determination, not only learning and applying makeup but also learning how to promote and advertise your business,” Vartomian said.
Her current clients often vary depending on the photographer and the producer since her clientele mainly consist of models. She meets most of her clients and their bosses through Instagram due to her large follower base of approximately 49,000.
“[Vartomian] has been doing my makeup since seventh grade so overall her techniques have gotten much better… everything is just amazing,” friend and client Maggie Amirian (’16) said.
One of her biggest accomplishments so far in her makeup career is working for Brittanya Razavi, a fashion CEO, model, and reality star. Vartomian greatly looks up to Razavi as an inspiration for many of her looks and was inspired to tattoo her eyebrows and dye her hair.

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