Ionescu innovates a new world

Posted on March 18, 2016

By Chenelle Herrera

Imagine a world that is more innovative and efficient in every possible way, that is cost-effective and environmentally healthy. This is exactly the kind of place Alex Ionescu (’19) envisions.
Ionescu plans on making an impact on the community with his development of Project Tetra, an ongoing research project with specific goals and aims to improve the planet by creating systematic technology that would produce practical cities and housing.
This project is based on his vision of what the future could be if technology is applied towards helping people while supporting and protecting the environment.
“It’s really about new thinking and making a better world for everyone,” Ionescu said.
Since Ionescu was in third grade, he paid close attention to topics concerning the environment. It took him about three years to develop the idea of Project Tetra, but he did not formulate them until last July.
Ionescu decided on the name “Project Tetra” for his preference of the geometric shape: the
tetrahedron. He finds the tetrahedron to be the best symbol of intelligent design being in harmony with the natural environment and its simplistic structural system.
“The fact that a freshman in high school has chosen [to change the world] is admirable and fascinating,” cinematography and studio art teacher Jason Pinsker said.
Although he receives support from his family and friends, all of his ideas and drawings are entirely his own.
Ionescu’s mother Dana believes “Alex is very dedicated to Project Tetra and will most definitely make it a success” due to the fact that he has a “deep understanding of many fields, such as architecture, science, and technology from a young age.”
He hopes to get more people to support and be aware of his project in order to spread his ideas throughout the world. By doing so, he hopes to establish a self-designed research center. Within this research center, he would invite people who can help him with research.
Once the research center is complete, Ionescu’s goal is to build small cities and communities, with the help of his supporters and a construction crew.
According to Project Tetra’s description, “The Cities of Today” are constructed without much thought in mind. The resources used to build the cities are often wasted and do not last as long. Furthermore, he believes that many cities contain unsafe traffic routes and automobiles which pollute the environment.
“My city designs are circular or round because I find circles to be one of the most efficient shapes,” Ionescu said. “A better way to use resources and energy is to design everything in a circular fashion so it is more efficient.”
As Ionescu gains more support for his project, he intends to sell some of his inventions such as household appliances and furniture in order to raise money for his organization. He believes that larger corporations would support the project since it is mainly about helping people and the planet.
“I like [Project Tetra] a lot because it mainly aims to fix problems in our daily lives and find the most efficient way to solve those problems,” friend Micah Willis (’17) said.
Some problems Ionescu would like to solve are housing issues and the insufficient use of resources.
To solve housing issues, he suggests building automated homes for people to live in. In an automated home, ephemeralization, the ability of technological advancement to do more with less resources used, is applied. With an automated housing system, people can create the type of house they desire which would then be fabricated in a similar manner.
He also plans to resolve the problem of transportation by designing a monorail that can take people to places easily within a short amount of time. Ionescu is currently re-evaluating his ideas and finding ways to make them better. To achieve this, he goes through almost 20 rough drafts a day until he is satisfied with the outcome.
“I am currently turning my designs into 3D animations on the program Maya,” Ionescu said. “I’m also working on how to create videos and turning my visions into reality.”
Aside from creating 3D animations, he is also testing out his inventions and building scale models at home and doing anything he can to develop these ideas and get them out into the world.
“I honestly don’t know what is in store for the future of mankind,” Ionescu said. “But I wake up each day with an optimistic mind and work towards a better life for the Earth and everyone on it.”


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