Chew on This: Kiddos Creamery

Posted on December 1, 2016

by Gracie Suavillo and Darla Crespin

In early October a new ice cream shop opened on Pacific — Kiddos Creamery. Located on 818 North Pacific Ave Glendale, CA, it is open from 12-9 pm Mondays-Thursdays, 12-10 pm Friday-Saturday, and 1-8 pm on Sundays. It is less than a mile from Hoover High school, taking about 10-20 minutes walking distance.

Considering it is an artisanal ice cream shop, the prices are affordable. Depending on the amount of scoops you get the price range varies between 3-7 dollars; plus a dollar extra for a waffle cone. Ice cream sandwiches known in the shop as “monaka isu” cost 5 dollars. Floats, which include 2 ice cream scoops and soda, are sold for 7 dollars. Customers can also buy full pints of ice cream for 11 dollars.


Kiddos Creamery accepts both cash and card; no minimum purchase amount is required to pay with a card.

The shop itself is clean and aesthetically pleasing. On the wall to the left hand side of the entrance is a graphic of their logo and shop name. There is no seating available inside the shop besides one bench, however, it is acceptable due to the limited spacing.

chew-on-this-kiddos-creamery-pic-6            chew-on-this-kiddos-creamery-pic-12

As we walked in the owner was welcoming and immediately offered samples.

There is a display that holds 12 types of ice cream, offering a wide variety of flavors. Honey Milk, Thai Tea, Peanutter Butter, Matcha Green Tea, Oolong Rose Milk Tea, Caramel Toffee, and Chocolate Hazelnut are just some of the options to choose from. The flavors are rotated and are served fresh. The ice cream is handmade in the shop, as well the waffle cones. The waffle cones are freshly made daily and come in three flavors: Vanilla, Choco, and Matcha.  

chew-on-this-kiddos-creamery-pic-11                            chew-on-this-kiddos-creamery-pic-7


Reporter Darla Crespin, got 2 scoops of Honey Milk and Matcha Green Tea on a Matcha waffle cone and Reporter Gracie Suavillo got 2 scoops of Oolong Rose Milk Tea and Honey Milk on a Matcha waffle cone.

When you get your ice cream you are served big scoops, getting your money’s worth.

We both agree that the ice cream has a smooth, silky, and creamy consistency like no other. It did not taste artificial and it did not melt quickly. The flavors of ice cream we got were true to their flavor.

The waffle cones were thick and sturdy, preventing ice cream to break it apart. The cone itself was not too sweet or too plain. It tasted just like the flavor we got — Matcha.

Overall, Kiddos Creamery is one of, if not the best, artisan ice cream shops in Glendale. We definitely recommend it, especially to Hoover students considering the shop is just down the street from school.

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