STAFF ED: Our country is falling apart

Posted on March 7, 2017

Imagine waking up in a country where all of your cherished necessities are suddenly taken away. Your house, your car, your business, your freedom. All gone with one stroke of a pen.
This past month, President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigrants from entering the United States for 90 days from seven Muslim dominant countries: Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia. Protesters from around the country showed their rebuke, as they took to the streets to voice their opinion.
Thousands of Americans were stuck at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport in New York, refusing to be kicked out of the country while the devil himself hid in the whitest house of them all, watching the outcry from millions of citizens and simply not caring.
With this sort of reaction from the country, we ask ourselves how could we have elected this man?
A man who disregards immigrants when his own family immigrated to America years ago.
A man impudent towards the millions of families torn apart these past few weeks.
A man who pays more attention to Inaugural crowd size than our own people’s disgust with our country.
This executive order is calamitous and cynical.
Citizens around the world with immigrant backgrounds wondering if they will ever see their families again saddens us. An Iranian-American resident in America for 25 years suddenly kicked out and left sobbing at JFK saddens us.
Thankfully, the executive order was temporarily halted two weeks ago. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the ruling with a unanimous 3-0 vote.
Trump is preparing a revised executive order that will not impact green card holders and will make sure no one will be caught in the system of moving overseas to our airports. But, with the reactions to this order from the past weeks we are left with one thought.
Is our country falling apart?

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