Battlefield 1 Game Review

Posted on October 27, 2016

By Sion Khachatoorian

Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 is the 12th battlefield game and is the oldest setting in the battlefield franchise. Battlefield 1 is set in World War 1 which has not been done in an AAA title in over 10 years. The game costs $60 for the standard edition and goes up to the deluxe collector’s edition which is over $200. The EA access membership — which is on the Xbox one — and the origin access will give you a 10 hour demo. EA and origin access cost $4.99 and $24.99; you get free games and free trials for games which makes the prices reasonable.

What it includes

The game comes with the options of multiplayer, campaign, and a new mode called operation. Operation is where a team has to go capture 2 points to continue on in the game until they have captured all the flags. The operation maps are somewhat different from the maps in multiplayer, so there is a big replay value in the game. The game also includes a new battle pack system where one can get puzzle pieces that grant a melee weapon when you collect all 3 pieces. Battlefield 1 also contains a new mode with pigeons with other modes coming in the future.



The online part of the game and the part most people play is epic since you get to ride horses and old fashion jeeps; you feel like you’re actually in a war, making playing the game feel more realistic. In battlefield 1 there is new feature where you can use a huge zeppelin or a train that is heavily armored with mini guns and death machines to get back in the lead. However, this could be a very bad idea if both teams are neck to neck; the team that is a little behind could get a very powerful tool and win. Also, there is a new battle pack system that has about 20 camos that rotate around other camos. It is updated weekly and the game notifies you what is in the rotating pool that week. Overall, the multiplayer aspect of the game is fantastic and keeps the player(s) interested.


The campaign starts with a 15 second clip remembering soldiers that died in World War 1. This is a new idea the game makers have created and it is a very interesting way to start the game. Personally, when I first played the game and got to this concept, I got a little confused about what was going on but I caught on after I played for a while. I figured it was a neat feature to add. The campaign also includes 6 war stories (that I will not spoil with details) that are very dirty and seem to be one of the greatest story campers to the battle field 4 and hard line story missions. But this is not a campaign where one builds a relationship with characters; the 6 war stories are split into 4 missions, each with no sufficient time to get to know the characters. You get to play the campaign knowing the general story of the war that is not very in depth.


Is it worth it?

Battlefield 1 is totally worth it if you are a hard core battlefield fan, but it does have some down sides. For example, there is no attachment; you have to buy a gun to get a scope/have more rate of fire which could be of annoyance to many. However, the basics of the game are well done. It has great graphics, movement, and special items such as the mini gun and flamethrower. Overall, I would recommend this to people who are interested in gun/vehicle play and to those that don’t care much about games’ cosmetics.

Game Rating: 8.5

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